Unleash: Your Purpose. Your Why.

Want to do it all – on Purpose?

We’re a vibrant mix of wonder and individuality, on a mission to unleash our inner superheroes! No more overthinking—just real talk and proven practices to become our happiest, healthiest selves.

Ditching the mundane, we’re diving into simple, transformative habits. Time to kick self-doubt to the curb, embrace courage, and connect authentically with our ‘why’ and ‘how.’

This journey is about unlocking inner happiness, finding purpose, and owning the wellbeing we all deserve. It’s courage time, my friends! Let’s bid farewell to any limiting beliefs that might have tagged along the way.

And WHY listen to me? Well, through learned experiences and studies in positive psychology and plenty of research, I have found my PURPOSE and at the age of 50 I have developed my own ‘Purpose Formula’ to help you find your why, your purpose, using a simplified process.

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An exciting adventure awaits! It’s finally time!
Let’s discover our courage.

Who says happiness is hiding in all the wrong places? It’s not out there; it’s in YOU! Embarking on the journey to happiness requires courage—time to seize it, make a conscious choice, and rewrite your story.

There are two common barriers when discovering purpose. First up – the desire for stability and predictability can keep us comfortably stuck, whether in routine jobs or unfulfilling relationships. This aversion to change inhibits growth and the quest for purpose. Second, our self-imposed limiting beliefs, such as thinking we’re not good enough or unworthy of happiness, result in fear of failure and self-sabotage.

We can change our lives. We can have, do, and be whomever we want to be. We have to have the courage to believe that and then, purpose will follow.

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Positive Psychology focuses on how happiness can be released from the positive emotions we have regarding the pleasurable activities we take part in, through our daily lives. Emotions have a big part to play in how we feel. Put simply, positive emotions function as nutrients for our wellbeing.
When we are engaged, we are fully absorbed in a stimulating activity. We can be in a deep state for an extended period when we do something we have a passion for such as a hobby, a technique, or a skill. It can get us into “flow” i.e. when we don’t even know we are doing it, time just flies by, we are so absorbed in the activity.
Having a sense of meaning and purpose is often derived from belonging to and serving something bigger than ourselves.
Relationships are fundamental to our wellbeing. The experiences that contribute to wellbeing are often amplified through our relationships, for example, joy, love, meaning, laughter, a feeling of belonging, pride in accomplishment.
People pursue achievement, competence, success, and mastery for its own sake and in a variety of ways often through tasks and goals. This can be through the workplace, sports, games, hobbies, etc.