Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Dr. Denise Freeman

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Dal here, and I am beyond excited to share the latest episode of The Happiologist podcast with you all. In my very first episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Dr. Denise Freeman, a chartered psychologist based in the bustling city of London. Trust me, folks, this conversation was an absolute game-changer!


We delved deep into the fascinating realm of our minds and explored the impact of limiting beliefs on our lives. You know those thoughts that keep us stuck and prevent us from reaching our full potential? Yeah, those are the ones we tackled head-on with Dr. Denise.


So, let’s break down some of the juiciest takeaways that had me nodding along like a bobblehead throughout our chat:

Beliefs are Powerful

Dr. Denise hit the nail on the head when she defined beliefs as ideas or thoughts that we invest our faith and value in. But, those limiting beliefs? They’re the culprits that hold us hostage in the land of stuckness (for want of a better word!).


Impact on Health and Relationships

We discussed how these sneaky beliefs can infiltrate every aspect of our lives – health, relationships, you name it! They’re the invisible barriers that keep us from making positive changes and finding our purpose.


Recognise and Challenge

The key to breaking free? Recognising and challenging those limiting beliefs. It’s like putting on your superhero cape and taking control of your own narrative.


Reframe for Resilience

Dr. Denise dropped some serious knowledge bombs about reframing. Changing the way we see a situation can be a superpower against anxiety and stress caused by limiting beliefs.


Acknowledge and Pivot

It’s not about brushing negative thoughts under the rug. It’s about acknowledging them and then giving them a polite “see ya later” as you explore alternative perspectives.


Self-Awareness is Key

To overcome these beliefs, you need to be best friends with self-awareness, engage in a little self-reflection, and be open to challenging your own thinking. It’s like a personal growth journey, but way cooler!


Here’s one wisdom-packed quote that really stuck with me:

“It’s not about ignoring the negative, it’s about acknowledging them.”Dr. Denise Freeman


Dr. Denise Freeman’s expertise in psychotherapy and integrative psychology shines through, offering invaluable insights on how to kick those limiting beliefs to the curb and embrace a healthier, happier version of ourselves. I cannot tell you how thought-provoking this chat was.


So, I want YOU to take a moment to reflect on your own beliefs. Are there any limiting ones that are holding you back? Challenge them, overcome them, and step into your full potential. The journey to happiness begins with a single podcast episode!


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About Dal Banwait

Dal Banwait, aka ‘the happiologist,’ is a certified Positive Psychology Coach and passionate about helping people grow into happier healthier versions of themselves. Her coaching empowers others to cut through their own debilitating, limiting self-beliefs, holistically connecting their ‘why’ and ‘how.’ Dal has a particular interest in how mind-body techniques can control thoughts and emotions and her coaching contains powerful strategies for harnessing these in daily life. Having graduated in law, she has worked as a city professional for over 30 years and also runs Positive Psychology & Wellbeing coaching in the corporate space. Based in London, and having lived in the Far East, Dal is a writer, serial globe trotter, accidental amateur photographer and self-confessed apacarophile (sunset obsessed)!  

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