Limiting Beliefs – Dr D

In this enlightening episode, host Dal, chats with Dr. Denise Freeman, aka Dr. D, discussing the transformational role of identifying and changing limiting beliefs. 

This episode dives deep into the influence of social, cultural, and personal factors on belief formations, and provides practical strategies to reframe limiting beliefs to lead a fulfilling life.

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This episode of the podcast includes:

 Understanding the Power of Our Mind

 The Concept of Limiting Beliefs

 Effects of Limiting Beliefs in Relationships

 The Origin of Limiting Beliefs

 Role of Cultural Influences in Shaping Beliefs

 Identifying & Challenging Limiting Beliefs

 Exercise to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

 Steps to Change Limiting Beliefs

 Staying in the Present and Neuroplasticity

 Reframing Beliefs and societal constraints

 Courage to break away from Limiting Beliefs

 Believe change Impact on Others

 Reframing and overcoming cultural constraints

 Unstructured Thinking and Overcoming Fear

 Real Goals & A Journey of Self-Invention

 Understanding Happiness; A Leap in the Past


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